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StableCluster is the premiere hosting company in Nepal, renowned for delivering top-tier hosting solutions since 2019. We specialize in delivering reliable, innovative hosting solutions designed to enhance your online presence and meet your specific needs.

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Exceptional uptime and top-notch customer service are our hallmarks. With our advanced hosting technology, AI-powered Website Builder, and user-friendly cpanel, growing your website has never been easier or more efficient.
Partner with us for a hosting experience you can rely on. Your only reliable and trusted partner: StableCluster

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We are the right hosting partner for you offering exceptional performance, security, and customer service. Our robust infrastructure and proactive monitoring ensure minimal downtime and optimal website performance, supporting your business goals effectively.
Boost your online visibility with dependable hosting partner StableCluster. Enjoy flawless website performance thanks to our cutting-edge technology and committed support staff. Select StableCluster right now, and see how your company grows.

The Dynamic Team at StableCluster

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StableCluster's dedicated team is a cornerstone of our commitment to reliability and customer-centric service. Each member brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that every aspect of our hosting solutions is meticulously crafted. From initial setup to ongoing support, our team is known for its unwavering dedication to client success.

We prioritize responsiveness and proactive communication, ensuring that any issues are swiftly addressed to minimize downtime and disruption. With a deep understanding of industry best practices and emerging trends, Our dedicated team stands ready to deliver tailored hosting solutions that align with our client's goals and aspirations.

All our team are experienced on Web Hosting business and are passionate to serve the client.We provide the best after-sales service to our clients to make their online journey smooth and pleasant.

The StableCluster's Commitment

StableCluster is dedicated to delivering hosting solutions that exceed expectations in reliability and customer satisfaction. We strive for excellence through proactive monitoring, robust security measures, and personalised support. We aim to provide a stable and secure online environment that effectively supports our clients' business growth.

24/7 Continuous Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our around-the-clock instant support, ensuring quick resolutions to technical challenges. Our knowledgeable support team is available at all hours to assist you, ensuring your website stays up and runs smoothly.

Top Speed & Performance

We are dedicated to delivering superior speed and performance through advanced technology and strategic optimizations. Our robust infrastructure supports high traffic volumes and ensures minimal latency, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

Globally Hosting

With our hosting solution, you can effortlessly reach global audiences. Our geographically dispersed server locations and robust network infrastructure guarantee low-latency connections and high availability for your websites and applications. Whether your target market is local or international, our global hosting solutions provide reliable performance and accessibility.

WordPress Ready Hosting

We offer optimized hosting solutions designed to maximize the performance and security of WordPress websites. Our infrastructure is configured to handle the unique demands of WordPress, ensuring fast loading times and stable operation. With StableCluster's specialized tools and expert support, managing your WordPress site is effortless and efficient.

We believe in the power of teamwork

Collaborative Approach

StableCluster thrives on a collaborative approach where teams work closely together to ensure the reliability and efficiency of our hosting services. By leveraging collective expertise, we provide robust solutions that exceed customer expectations.


Respect is one of our fundamental values at StableCluster, guiding how we collaborate internally and engage with our clients externally. By upholding respect in all aspects of our business, we cultivate trust and strengthen our partnerships for sustained success.


At StableCluster, integrity is the cornerstone of how we conduct business. Our business practices are based on honesty, transparency, and reliability, which ensures client trust and confidence.

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How Are We Different?

StableCluster differentiates itself through its comprehensive approach to hosting, combining reliability, performance, and support. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your site is always online and performing optimally. Our customer-first mentality drives us to provide exceptional service and value.

We are 100% privately-owned Company

Legally Registered

We are legally registered

VAT Enabled

We are VAT enabled Company

Private Owned

Since we are family owned business , the decision make is quit fast customer centric.

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